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Caribbean and Atlantic B2B Cruises on Serenade and Summit
In April 2010, celebrating Sue's 46th birthday, we took back-to-back cruises aboard Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas and the Celebrity Summit. We flew to San Juan, then embarked on the Serenade for a 7-day round-trip cruise to Tortola, Saint Martin, Antigua, Saint Lucia, Grenada and back to Puerto Rico. Then we rolled our luggage about 100 yards along the pier to the Celebrity Summit for an 8-day cruise. We left San Juan on the Summit, and she stopped in Saint Thomas, Saint Martin, Tortola, and two days in Bermuda, before bringing us (almost) home to Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ. These cruises were Susan's 39th and 40th cruises, and Eric's 20th and 21st cruises! This was also our fourth pair of back-to-back cruises.
April 2010
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Serenade+Summit-001 Serenade+Summit-002 Serenade+Summit-003
Serenade+Summit-004 Serenade+Summit-005 Serenade+Summit-006
Serenade+Summit-007 Serenade+Summit-008 Serenade+Summit-009
Serenade+Summit-010 Serenade+Summit-011 Serenade+Summit-012
Serenade+Summit-013 Serenade+Summit-014 Serenade+Summit-015
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Serenade+Summit-022 Serenade+Summit-023 Serenade+Summit-024
Serenade+Summit-025 Serenade+Summit-026 Serenade+Summit-027
Celebrity Summit
Serenade+Summit-028 Serenade+Summit-029 Serenade+Summit-030
Schooner Bar
Serenade+Summit-031 Serenade+Summit-032 Serenade+Summit-033
Safari Lounge Card Room
Serenade+Summit-034 Serenade+Summit-035 Serenade+Summit-036
El Morro during Sailaway
Serenade+Summit-037 Serenade+Summit-038 Serenade+Summit-039
First port: colorful Tortola
Serenade+Summit-040 Serenade+Summit-041 Serenade+Summit-042
Serenade+Summit-043 Serenade+Summit-044 Serenade+Summit-045
Serenade+Summit-046 Serenade+Summit-047 Serenade+Summit-048
The world's most dangerous mural
Serenade+Summit-049 Serenade+Summit-050 Serenade+Summit-051
The beach we went to
Serenade+Summit-052 Serenade+Summit-053 Serenade+Summit-054
Serenade+Summit-055 Serenade+Summit-056 Serenade+Summit-057
Hot Stuff! Formal night in the dining room
Serenade+Summit-058 Serenade+Summit-059 Serenade+Summit-060
Captain Michel Claveau lives on board with his wife Production show including Little Shop of Horrors
Serenade+Summit-061 Serenade+Summit-062 Serenade+Summit-063
At our romantic table for two
Serenade+Summit-064 Serenade+Summit-065 Serenade+Summit-066
Good Morning, Birthday Girl! Birthday cupcakes from the crew
Serenade+Summit-067 Serenade+Summit-068 Serenade+Summit-069
Serenade+Summit-070 Serenade+Summit-071 Serenade+Summit-072
St. Lucia near the Pitons
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