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Caribbean and Atlantic B2B Cruises on Serenade and Summit

April 2010
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Serenade+Summit-073 Serenade+Summit-074 Serenade+Summit-075
The Captain spun the ship 360 degrees!
Serenade+Summit-076 Serenade+Summit-077 Serenade+Summit-078
Crazy dining room staff parade Eric winning "Name that Tune"
Serenade+Summit-079 Serenade+Summit-080 Serenade+Summit-081
Horizon Grenada ... Coconut! This guy serenaded the Serenaders
Serenade+Summit-082 Serenade+Summit-083 Serenade+Summit-084
Second formal night
Serenade+Summit-085 Serenade+Summit-086 Serenade+Summit-087
Serenade+Summit-088 Serenade+Summit-089 Serenade+Summit-090
Serenade+Summit-091 Serenade+Summit-092 Serenade+Summit-093
Serenade+Summit-094 Serenade+Summit-095 Serenade+Summit-096
Serenade+Summit-097 Serenade+Summit-098 Serenade+Summit-099
Looking up at the bottom of the Crown & Anchor lounge
Serenade+Summit-100 Serenade+Summit-101 Serenade+Summit-102
The Crown and Anchor Lounge
Serenade+Summit-103 Serenade+Summit-104 Serenade+Summit-105
Approx 8 floors above the Atrium Ugh. Cruise director "humor"
Serenade+Summit-106 Serenade+Summit-107 Serenade+Summit-108
Farewell Serenade of the Seas Our first meal on the Summit Embarkation day on Summit in San Juan
Serenade+Summit-109 Serenade+Summit-110 Serenade+Summit-111
Why is there a battle scene on these curtains?
Serenade+Summit-112 Serenade+Summit-113 Serenade+Summit-114
Somebody's dirty laundry left behind Non-working TV. Blame Windows. Summit's Conservatory
Serenade+Summit-115 Serenade+Summit-116 Serenade+Summit-117
Serenade+Summit-118 Serenade+Summit-119 Serenade+Summit-120
Looking back at Serenade and missing it already!
Serenade+Summit-121 Serenade+Summit-122 Serenade+Summit-123
A different part of the buffet This ship is for the birds!
Serenade+Summit-124 Serenade+Summit-125 Serenade+Summit-126
Serenade+Summit-127 Serenade+Summit-128 Serenade+Summit-129
Serenade+Summit-130 Serenade+Summit-131 Serenade+Summit-132
Sold? Really? 1/2 hour into the cruise with gallery closed! Cova Cafe
Serenade+Summit-133 Serenade+Summit-134 Serenade+Summit-135
Main Lobby (no atrium here)
Serenade+Summit-136 Serenade+Summit-137 Serenade+Summit-138
Summit's dining room
Serenade+Summit-139 Serenade+Summit-140 Serenade+Summit-141
Serenade+Summit-142 Serenade+Summit-143 Serenade+Summit-144
Michael's Club
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