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Repositioning Cruise and Caribbean Cruise on Caribbean Princess
From Tortola, we went to Virgin Gorda
October - November, 2009
Virgin-Gorda-01 Virgin-Gorda-02 Virgin-Gorda-03
On the ferry to Virgin Gorda Approaching Virgin Gorda The entrance to The Baths
Virgin-Gorda-04 Virgin-Gorda-05 Virgin-Gorda-06
As seen on our Christmas Card
Virgin-Gorda-07 Virgin-Gorda-08 Virgin-Gorda-09
The Baths
Virgin-Gorda-10 Virgin-Gorda-11 Virgin-Gorda-12
Devil's Bay
Virgin-Gorda-13 Virgin-Gorda-14 Virgin-Gorda-15
Virgin-Gorda-16 Virgin-Gorda-17 Virgin-Gorda-18
Virgin-Gorda-19 Virgin-Gorda-20 Virgin-Gorda-21
Virgin-Gorda-22 Virgin-Gorda-23 Virgin-Gorda-24
Virgin-Gorda-25 Virgin-Gorda-26 Virgin-Gorda-27
On the ferry back to Tortola
Virgin-Gorda-28 Virgin-Gorda-29 Virgin-Gorda-30
Caribbean Princess and Norwegian Jewel in Road Town