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Repositioning Cruise and Caribbean Cruise on Caribbean Princess
Eden Beach at Hawksbill, Antigua
October - November, 2009

Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-01 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-02 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-03
Hawksbill Rock at Hawksbill Beach Resort Eden Beach (aka Beach 4) It's supposed to look like a hawk's bill
Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-04 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-05 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-06
Skinny... Dipper! (Susan shows off 44 lbs lost)
Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-07 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-08 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-09
View of Eden Beach at Hawksbill A week later at Runaway Beach
Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-10 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-11 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-12
Lobster Shack Sandals
Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-13 Antigua-Hawksbill-Eden-14