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President's Day Weekend Getaway on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 from New York to Bahamas

February 2008
QM2-01 QM2-02 QM2-03
View from QM2 cabin 8043 Our "partially obstructed view" balcony Statue of Liberty from Red Hook Brooklyn
QM2-04 QM2-05 QM2-06
Complimentary "champagne" Slightly obstructed view from 8043
QM2-07 QM2-08 QM2-09
Roses for Valentine's Day
QM2-10 QM2-11 QM2-12
Stuff for celebrating Eric's 40th
QM2-13 QM2-14 QM2-15
Bon Voyage toast QM2 Winter Garden
QM2-16 QM2-17 QM2-18
QM2 Winter Garden
QM2-19 QM2-20 QM2-21
Royal Court Theater Some cabins have a view into the atrium
QM2-22 QM2-23 QM2-24
QM2 Atrium Chart room bar
QM2-25 QM2-26 QM2-27
QM2 Library
QM2-28 QM2-29 QM2-30
View from the library QM2 Library Internet access
QM2-31 QM2-32 QM2-33
NYPD helicopter escort Passing the Statue of Liberty on sailaway
QM2-34 QM2-35 QM2-36
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Verrazano-Narrows Bridge QM2 squeezing under the Verrazano bridge
QM2-37 QM2-38 QM2-39
The morning after Brittania (steerage) dining room
QM2-40 QM2-41 QM2-42
Enjoying the view from QM2 8043
QM2-43 QM2-44 QM2-45
QM2 Bridge The ship's wake
QM2-46 QM2-47 QM2-48
Exterior of Todd English Restaurant under duplex suites
QM2-49 QM2-50 QM2-51
Can anyone find Susan? Good snorkeling beyond the pier Princess Cay (Eleuthera Bahamas)
QM2-52 QM2-53 QM2-54
The QM2 dwarfs the tender boat The Board Room in the Commodore Club
QM2-55 QM2-56 QM2-57
Spare propeller blades
QM2-58 QM2-59 QM2-60
Sue in the Scenic Elevator Our cabin 8043 from the deck below Samuel Cunard Mosaic
QM2-61 QM2-62 QM2-63
Mosaic detail
QM2-64 QM2-65 QM2-66
Golden Lion Pub Tea in the Queen's Room
QM2-67 QM2-68 QM2-69
Our tablemates Aaron, Jesica, John, and Diane
QM2-70 QM2-71 QM2-72
3 Happy Cruisers Do we have to go home already?
QM2-73 QM2-74 QM2-75
We're back in Brooklyn Scenic elevators, exterior
We were on the ship's souvenir video