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Transatlantic Mediterranean Cruise on Emerald Princess
Fort Lauderdale and the Emerald Princess Cruise Ship, our home for 16 days
April - May 2008
Emerald-01 Emerald-02 Emerald-03
From our balcony on the intercoastal waterway Atlantic Ocean in the background
Emerald-04 Emerald-05 Emerald-06
Flamingo pink for the birthday girl Enchantment of the Seas
Emerald-07 Emerald-08 Emerald-09
Emerald-10 Emerald-11 Emerald-12
Emerald-13 Emerald-14 Emerald-15
Library The Wheelhouse Bar
Emerald-16 Emerald-17 Emerald-18
Emerald-19 Emerald-20 Emerald-21
Emerald-22 Emerald-23 Emerald-24
Emerald-25 Emerald-26 Emerald-27
Movies Under the Stars Mini Golf
Emerald-28 Emerald-29 Emerald-30
Emerald-31 Emerald-32 Emerald-33
Vegetable carving
Emerald-34 Emerald-35 Emerald-36
Carved fruit and veggies Carved fruit and veggies
Emerald-37 Emerald-38 Emerald-39
Emerald-40 Emerald-41  
Tall ship viewed from our cabin Ahhhh, Tab!