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Transatlantic Mediterranean Cruise on Emerald Princess
The City of Funchal on Portugal's Madeira Island
April - May 2008
Madeira-01 Madeira-02 Madeira-03
Land Ho! First sight of land in 6 days
Madeira-04 Madeira-05 Madeira-06
Madeira-07 Madeira-08 Madeira-09
Madeira-10 Madeira-11 Madeira-12
Madeira-13 Madeira-14 Madeira-15
Madeira-16 Madeira-17 Madeira-18
Madeira-19 Madeira-20 Madeira-21
Indiana and Florida found in Madeira!
Madeira-22 Madeira-23 Madeira-24
Emerald Princess in Madeira
Madeira-25 Madeira-26 Madeira-27
How many Susans do you see?