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Transatlantic Mediterranean Cruise on Emerald Princess
April - May 2008
Gibraltar-01 Gibraltar-02 Gibraltar-03
Approaching the Rock before dawn
Gibraltar-04 Gibraltar-05 Gibraltar-06
Moon over Morocco
Gibraltar-07 Gibraltar-08 Gibraltar-09
View over the Straits of Gibraltar St. Michael's Cave
Gibraltar-10 Gibraltar-11 Gibraltar-12
Gibraltar-13 Gibraltar-14 Gibraltar-15
Barbary Apes of Gibraltar
Gibraltar-16 Gibraltar-17 Gibraltar-18
Gibraltar-19 Gibraltar-20 Gibraltar-21
Gibraltar-22 Gibraltar-23 Gibraltar-24
Gibraltar-25 Gibraltar-26 Gibraltar-27
Sue found Tab in Gibraltar
Gibraltar-28 Gibraltar-29 Gibraltar-30
Sea Cloud Flowers for the birthday girl Sea Cloud
Gibraltar-31 Gibraltar-32 Gibraltar-33
Bye-bye Morocco Bye-bye Rock
Gibraltar-34 Gibraltar-35