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Transatlantic Mediterranean Cruise on Emerald Princess
Rome, Italy (By train from Port of Civitavecchia)
April - May 2008
Rome-01 Rome-02 Rome-03
Rome-04 Rome-05 Rome-06
Rome-07 Rome-08 Rome-09
Rome-10 Rome-11 Rome-12
Rome-13 Rome-14 Rome-15
Rome-16 Rome-17 Rome-18
Palatine Hill
Rome-19 Rome-20 Rome-21
Circus Maximus The Forum
Rome-22 Rome-23 Rome-24
Rome-25 Rome-26 Rome-27
The Imperial Forum Trevi Fountain
Rome-28 Rome-29 Rome-30
Outside the Pantheon
Rome-31 Rome-32 Rome-33
Gelato at the Pantheon Inside the Pantheon
Rome-34 Rome-35 Rome-36
Raphael's Tomb
Rome-37 Rome-38 Rome-39
Saint Peter's Square
Rome-40 Rome-41 Rome-42
Inside St. Peter's Basilica Michelangelo's Pieta
Rome-43 Rome-44 Rome-45
Bernini's Baldacchino (canopy) Floor of St. Peter's
Rome-46 Rome-47 Rome-48
Snuck on the last train out of Rome Hope the stowaways don't miss the ship!