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Transatlantic Mediterranean Cruise on Emerald Princess
Barcelona, Spain
April - May 2008
Barcelona-001 Barcelona-002 Barcelona-003
Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia Cathedral Under Construction since 1882
Barcelona-004 Barcelona-005 Barcelona-006
The crucifiction story
Barcelona-007 Barcelona-008 Barcelona-009
Nativity Scene on exterior
Barcelona-010 Barcelona-011 Barcelona-012
The three wise men Christ ascending to heaven
Barcelona-013 Barcelona-014 Barcelona-015
Gaudi's La Pedrera La Pedrera interior
Barcelona-016 Barcelona-017 Barcelona-018
Roof of La Pedrera
Barcelona-019 Barcelona-020 Barcelona-021
Elevator tower Gaudi's Casa Batllo inspired by dragons
Barcelona-022 Barcelona-023 Barcelona-024
Balcony looks like the mouth of the beast
Barcelona-025 Barcelona-026 Barcelona-027
Sidewalk in Barcelona We did all that before unpacking in the hotel Exhausted Eric at end of long day
Barcelona-028 Barcelona-029 Barcelona-030
Susan is refreshed by a good night's sleep Eric mocks Sue's fear of pickpockets Las Ramblas on May Day
Barcelona-031 Barcelona-032 Barcelona-033
Puppies! La Boqueria market
Barcelona-034 Barcelona-035 Barcelona-036
Susan on Joan Miro's art
Barcelona-037 Barcelona-038 Barcelona-039
Gaudi's Palau Guell
Barcelona-040 Barcelona-041 Barcelona-042
Statue of Columbus
Barcelona-043 Barcelona-044 Barcelona-045
The Mediterranean Sea A Mediterranean beach The famous 4 Cats frequented by Picasso
Barcelona-046 Barcelona-047 Barcelona-048
Gothic Quarter
Barcelona-049 Barcelona-050 Barcelona-051
Sue can find flamingos anywhere
Barcelona-052 Barcelona-053 Barcelona-054
Casa Batllo at night
Barcelona-055 Barcelona-056 Barcelona-057
Gaudi's Parc Guell
Barcelona-058 Barcelona-059 Barcelona-060
Barcelona-061 Barcelona-062 Barcelona-063
Barcelona-064 Barcelona-065 Barcelona-066
Barcelona-067 Barcelona-068 Barcelona-069
Barcelona-070 Barcelona-071 Barcelona-072
La Boqueria
Barcelona-073 Barcelona-074 Barcelona-075
Umbrella house
Barcelona-076 Barcelona-077 Barcelona-078
Barcelona-079 Barcelona-080 Barcelona-081
Sue's favorite Barcelona balcony Eric lost Susan at the crosswalk
Barcelona-082 Barcelona-083 Barcelona-084
Salvador Dali exhibit
Barcelona-085 Barcelona-086 Barcelona-087
Dali at Gaudi's La Pedrera
Barcelona-088 Barcelona-089 Barcelona-090
A Chest of Drawers... Get it?
Barcelona-091 Barcelona-092 Barcelona-093
Barcelona-094 Barcelona-095 Barcelona-096
Barcelona-097 Barcelona-098 Barcelona-099
Barcelona-100 Barcelona-101 Barcelona-102
The Palau de la Música Catalana
Barcelona-103 Barcelona-104 Barcelona-105