Golden Princess Cruise from San Juan to Saint Thomas, Antigua, Saint Maarten, and Brooklyn, New York

April-May 2006
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Passion Fruit Bed & Breakfast (Fajardo, Puerto Rico) La Bonita en El Yunque
Golden-Princess-06 Golden-Princess-07 Golden-Princess-08 Golden-Princess-09
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Coki Beach, Saint Thomas viewed from Coral World There are at least 4 iguanas in this photo
Golden-Princess-14 Golden-Princess-15 Golden-Princess-16 Golden-Princess-17
This may help you see the iguanas
Golden-Princess-18 Golden-Princess-19 Golden-Princess-20 Golden-Princess-21
Golden Princess "Obstructed" View cabin E315 Catamaran tour - Antigua
Golden-Princess-22 Golden-Princess-23 Golden-Princess-24 Golden-Princess-25
Golden Princess in Antigua Culinary Demo
Golden-Princess-26 Golden-Princess-27 Golden-Princess-28 Golden-Princess-29
Winning at "Majority Rules" Eric tries to get hypnotized It didn't work for Eric, but it did for many others!
Golden-Princess-30 Golden-Princess-31 Golden-Princess-32 Golden-Princess-33
Sue pours champagne on the waterfall You can have the hot tub to yourself at midnight!
Golden-Princess-34 Golden-Princess-35 Golden-Princess-36 Golden-Princess-37
Vegetable Carving Backstage Tour
Golden-Princess-38 Golden-Princess-39 Golden-Princess-40 Golden-Princess-41
Look for this on our Christmas Card! Sue, how much fun was the cruise? The view from our cabin at the Redhook Brooklyn Cruise Terminal