Family History

Since March 2018, I have been working on building my father's family tree. I am assembling the results of my research in a booklet, which you can download below in PDF format.

I welcome any feedback. I would also simply like to know if you looked at this genealogy data! My email address is on my home page. An email would cost you nothing and would make my day.

Browse the Jung Family Tree online.

The family tree is available to browse here. This tree has names, dates, and locations without source records. These web pages summarize the key facts I've been able to learn about our ancestors.

Download a PDF of Jung Family History (23 MB)

The PDF file has source records where I have them, with transcriptions and translations. This PDF file answers the question "how do you know that?"

Last updated 16 June 2019.


Thanks to Sabine Sadlo for helping me connect the records of my 4th great-grandfather, Gottlieb Jung.

Please don't re-publish these work products. I marked the documents with copyrights not to make money, but to prevent others from doing so. These documents summarize an enormous amount of work and are available here for anyone to download for free. I would love to hear your questions or comments.