Cruise on Empress of the Seas from Bayonne to San Juan
Including Bermuda, Saint Thomas, and Saint Martin
October 2004
Dive-00 Dive-01 Dive-04 Dive-05
These pictures are from a Helmet Dive near King's Wharf or Royal Naval Dockyards in Bermuda.
Dive-06 Dive-07 Dive-08 Dive-09
We dove with a group of 6 or 8, and held onto the white bar while under water. The yellow tubes are air lines.
Dive-10 Dive-11 Dive-12 Dive-13
Here we're feeding fish. Even while 12 feet under water, Sue just loves a camera.
Dive-14 Dive-15 Dive-16 Dive-17
Dive-18 Dive-19 Dive-20 Dive-21
Dive-22 Dive-23