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Back-to-Back Caribbean Cruises
Celebrity Century from Miami and Sun Princess from Fort Lauderdale
March 2007
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Atrium of Celebrity Century Majesty of the Seas Leaving Miami View of Miami Causeway Eric and Susan in Key West
2007-Caribbean-05 2007-Caribbean-06 2007-Caribbean-07 2007-Caribbean-08
The Banyan Eric and Susan at Mile Marker Zero At the Southernmost Point marker
2007-Caribbean-09 2007-Caribbean-10 2007-Caribbean-11 2007-Caribbean-12
Casual dining outside on Century Sue at Wine Blending Sipping Chardonnay Eric at Wine Blending
2007-Caribbean-13 2007-Caribbean-14 2007-Caribbean-15 2007-Caribbean-16
Invitation to Captain's Table Grand Cayman On the boat to Stingray City Stingray City
2007-Caribbean-17 2007-Caribbean-18 2007-Caribbean-19 2007-Caribbean-20
Feeding a Seagull Century cabin 9000 - Inside Century Pool Deck
2007-Caribbean-21 2007-Caribbean-22 2007-Caribbean-23 2007-Caribbean-24
Century is the only Cruise Ship I ever saw with an escalator Martini Bar Century's ice bar (not iced yet) Martini bar
2007-Caribbean-25 2007-Caribbean-26 2007-Caribbean-27 2007-Caribbean-28
Michael's Pub Michael's Pub Grand Foyer Century's Crystal Room
2007-Caribbean-29 2007-Caribbean-30 2007-Caribbean-31 2007-Caribbean-32
Century's Crystal Room Century's new balconies seen above the promenade deck Century's Dining Room / Restaurant Cova Cafe
2007-Caribbean-33 2007-Caribbean-34 2007-Caribbean-35 2007-Caribbean-36
Escalator from below Sushi station Sun Princess Cabin C740
2007-Caribbean-37 2007-Caribbean-38 2007-Caribbean-39 2007-Caribbean-40
Our inside cabin on Sun Princess At Sailaway in Fort Lauderdale Dickinson Bay, Antigua
2007-Caribbean-41 2007-Caribbean-42 2007-Caribbean-43 2007-Caribbean-44
Dickinson Beach, Antigua Saint Lucia Sun Princess
2007-Caribbean-45 2007-Caribbean-46 2007-Caribbean-47 2007-Caribbean-48
Gros Pitons! Gros Piton and Petit Piton Drive-through Volcano
2007-Caribbean-49 2007-Caribbean-50 2007-Caribbean-51 2007-Caribbean-52
Volcano shhh: RCCL tee shirts on a Princess Cruise Bathing in volcanic mud
2007-Caribbean-53 2007-Caribbean-54 2007-Caribbean-55 2007-Caribbean-56
Am I clean now? Fern and our taxi guide Murphy
2007-Caribbean-57 2007-Caribbean-58 2007-Caribbean-59 2007-Caribbean-60
2007-Caribbean-61 2007-Caribbean-62 2007-Caribbean-63 2007-Caribbean-64
A spice shop in Grenada Annandale Falls Cliff jumper
2007-Caribbean-65 2007-Caribbean-66 2007-Caribbean-67 2007-Caribbean-68
2007-Caribbean-69 2007-Caribbean-70 2007-Caribbean-71 2007-Caribbean-72
Movie Star! Grande Anse, Grenada
2007-Caribbean-73 2007-Caribbean-74 2007-Caribbean-75 2007-Caribbean-76
Sun Princess in Grenada Martinique
2007-Caribbean-77 2007-Caribbean-78 2007-Caribbean-79 2007-Caribbean-80
Martinique Typical Martinique ferry Sun Princess in Martinique
2007-Caribbean-81 2007-Caribbean-82 2007-Caribbean-83 2007-Caribbean-84
St. Louis Cathedral, Martinique Coki Beach, Saint Thomas
2007-Caribbean-85 2007-Caribbean-86 2007-Caribbean-87 2007-Caribbean-88
Coki Beach Goodbye St. Thomas
2007-Caribbean-89 2007-Caribbean-90 2007-Caribbean-91 2007-Caribbean-92
Ship designer humor Princess Cays
2007-Caribbean-93 2007-Caribbean-94 2007-Caribbean-95  
Sun Princess at Princess Cays Dawn at 17th Street Causeway Fort Lauderdale at Dawn