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Americade 2009 Motorcycle Rally

June 4-6, 2009
Americade-01 Americade-02 Americade-03
Us at a Charity Run Arrived at Lake George after 230 miles My biker babe still looks great!
Americade-04 Americade-05 Americade-06
Corvette-shaped trailer Funky car-based trike
Americade-07 Americade-08 Americade-09
Inside the car-trike Lake George Ferry
Americade-10 Americade-11 Americade-12
Americade-13 Americade-14 Americade-15
Friday at the Ranch
Americade-16 Americade-17 Americade-18
Our favorite in the bike judging
Americade-19 Americade-20 Americade-21
We drove this trike Dragster bike parked on Canada Street
Americade-22 Americade-23 Americade-24
Look at the size of that tire!
Americade-25 Americade-26 Americade-27
Sue finds flamingos everywhere! V8-powered barstool
Americade-28 Americade-29 Americade-30
VW-powered trike Old West-style trailer Nice lights!
Americade-31 Americade-32 Americade-33
Our Goldwing and a camera mistake
Americade-34 Americade-35 Americade-36
Our Goldwing on Canada Street Saturday parade to Prospect Mountain Notice the dog in the sidecar
Americade-37 Americade-38 Americade-39
One-wheel trailer Schoolbus trailer Boat trailer
Americade-40 Americade-41 Americade-42
Boat trailer Can-am trike like what Eric tested Sidecars
Americade-43 Americade-44 Americade-45
Carrying a wheelchair
Americade-46 Americade-47 Americade-48
Indian costumes Raggedy Ann
Americade-49 Americade-50 Americade-51
Better be a girl's bike Port-a-potties... Yeah!
Americade-52 Americade-53 Americade-54
Can you find our bike? I thought you parked in Donald Duck section!
Americade-55 Americade-56 Americade-57
Drill team exhibition
Americade-58 Americade-59 Americade movies
Home again after a 4-hour drive A short collection of video clips